28 Aug

Accommodate Your Place in a Beautified Way with Funky Rock Designs

Funky rock designs are unique in nature which provides products made with all natural stones found in the coastal regions varying in shapes, texture and its color. Once you collect the required rock it takes hours to look for perfect stone and for the changes to be done in it. Many of the rocks are individually drilled, colored, each of the features of rock determine the way it is to be used and then they are converted into the products like candle holders, bottle openers, lamp, stone vases, beverage dispenser, stone wine rack and many more.

 Type of rock collected to make funky rock designs:

  • Granite:

Many rock designs are made with granite stone found in the coastal area and they are formed from the natural weathering and erosion of the rock. They are eco- friendly in nature and can also be decomposed. Granite is given the required shape and texture then the product to be designed is decided

  • Crushes gravel:

These are the crushed up rocks converted into gravels, they are usually small in sizes and comes in different colours.Its size and multiple colours gives options to make variety of funky rock designs adding up to the beauty of your indoors.


  • River rock:

They are found in abundant and are available in many colours which give variety of options to create different products by using this river rock.

  • Beach pebble:

They are available in grey colour and are big in size. It looks elegant and sophisticated when the rock is converted into Funky rock designs as it provides good shape. These are first collected from the sea shore then cut into the required shape to get perfect stone, if the rock already have a perfect texture then it is left natural but some of the stones are changed according to the design.

These Funky rock designs are easily available anywhere and you can also get it online as there are website  providing varieties of rock product with different designs.

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