11 Oct

Filehosterz- File Sharing Service with Complete Security

Over the recent years, the industry of file hosting providers are growing rapidly at the faster pace.  While it has become easy to share file and document over the internet with more security, people opt for file hosting service which is more faster rather than a physical mode. File hosting service host files or folderson the cloud. Need for the filehosterz arises not only for the business yet for the individuals too.

Significant features of Filehosterz

Filehosterz is predominantly used in the organizations where they have to share and download large files, sync folders with unlimited number of devices that can be done in minutes. Some of the comprehensive features of the file sharing providers are

  • File sharing
  • Secure environment
  • Larger Storage and Unlimited Band width


File Sharing with Filehosterz

Filehosterz gives the users full access to share and edit the files. You can even track your file sharing and audit all the file activities like with whom the file has been shared, the number of times the file has been shared etc.

Secure Environment

Premium users will have full control over your files and data. External users cannot access your information without your access permission and are thoroughly encrypted. The files are encrypted throughout the cycle of uploading. Sharing and downloading process. This protect your files from hackers.

Unlimited Storage and larger Bandwidth

When a user has unlimited storage, you can store, share and receive tons of data. With larger bandwidth the file sharing is done at a high speed. So it becomes easy to handle the file sharing immaterial of the file size.

Summing it up on Filehosterz

Filehosterz are file sharing providers designed for sharing files and digital workspaces with clients and business associates. With its well-known storage and back up services, they provide an excellent platform for online collaboration.


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